We have the skills to develop advanced composite
products while considering manufacturing efficiency

We offer composites based products development service. Composite materials are very anisotropic materials: the same material can act as a strongest steel in one direction and at the same time be as a soft plastic in another. Using the materials correct way requires unique skill set to design the products while considering the special properties of composites. Novec is specialized in composite material based products development.

Material cost is one of the most critical cost component of the composite material product. Composites are often used due their high load bearing capability. Therefore is important to choose and optimize the lay-up for the end product. Our key competences are: material selection, strength assessment and lay-up design.

We have built and developed various composite material based product prototypes. Mostly we use prepregs, hand laminate or vacuum infusion technology to produce the early-stage prototypes.

Prepreg materials are one of the most advanced materials which composite material sector uses. Prepregs are mainly used for the products which require high strength and fatigue properties. As a bonus prepregs have visually appealing outlook. Novec offers prepreg based products manufacturing as one of a kind prototypes or serial production.

We offer serial production solutions for manufacturing composite material products.