Mechanical Engineering

We have extensive experience collaborating with machining
services and material providers from Estonia to Europe

Our engineers started their career in product development in 2007. Since then have been working on different projects ranging from more simple- motorcycle legstand design to complex – windblade development, medical products development large dimension 5axis CNC mill, semitrailer, commercial airplane tail servicing platform, small biodiesel reactor development, battery swapping and charging station, shelter for robots overnighting, etc.
Novec has fullfilled two development vouchers (Eesti k. Arendusosak).

Key competences in the field of machine design are:

  • Design of lightweight products
  • Advanced machine design (CNC mill, hydraulic press)
  • Modernization (lathe, milling machine)
  • Automation from low cost to highly reliable systems
  • Hydraulics based machinery
  • Last mile delivery robot infrastructure

Novec engineers have extensive experience from previous career performing Finite Elemenet Analysis (FEA). Beside classical metal structures main fields are high performance products with low factor of safety, composite material strength assessment and also hyperelastic simulations. Many projects have required mass and material optimization.

Novec has performed machinery directive based CE certification for 2 machines. Additionally newly developed 2 Li-ion batteries and 2 battery charging systems have been certified.

Serially produced products require after the first prototype the optimization of net cost. Novec has capability to optimize products using numerical optimization techniques. Numerical optimization techniques are usually deployed when expensive materials are used (composites) or when the product is using many different technological disciplines and the general overview of the net costs are hard to manage (mechanical engineering, electronics, serial production, regular preventive maintenance, etc are simultaneously used).

Development projects are known to have notoriuously high uncertainty of outcome. This is due to the nature of operating in the field of many unknown factors. For successful project management is therefore necessary to handle systematically what is known and take necessary precautions to mitigate the risks of unknown.
Novec offers project management service for technology development projects, technology implementation projects and also research projects. Project management starts with scope clarification and definition, goes through different phases of planning and management until the project lifespan is completed. Within the projects usually coping with the external or internal source caused changes is typical activity. Beside that customer requires usually most assistance in procurement handling and risk management and also in final integration.​